Our team

The International Institute of DAO deficiency is a healthcare company connecting patients with specialists in DAO deficiency worldwide. The Institute was founded in 2015 in Barcelona (Spain) and at that time our services were located in different Spanish hospitals. After a few years we felt the need to help as many people as possible in any part of the world. So, in 2022, we created a global Licensing program platform to build an international network of specialized healthcare professionals.

15% of the population suffers from DAO deficiency and doesn’t know it.

In fact, when diagnosis is confirmed is common to hear how late it has arrived. For this reason, one of our objectives is to give the best treatment after a good diagnosis and thus, avoid prolonging the suffering.

The Institute is led by MSc Adriana Duelo and her closest team with more than 12 years of clinical and scientific experience in DAO deficiency.